South Texas police find 'fearless' cat relaxing next to rattlesnake

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Police in south Texas shared a frightening reminder that rattlesnake season is coming up in Texas: a fearless cat spotted relaxing next to a large rattlesnake.

Laguna Vista Police Department shared a photo on Facebook of the "Fearless Laguna Vista Cat" they encountered while responding to a call from bird watchers who encountered a rattlesnake on a trail. The cat was spotted laying down just feet away from a coiled up rattlesnake. The snake was grabbed before any people or pets were hurt.

LVPD shared a reminder to be mindful of rattlesnakes during the warmer months to keep family and pets safe.

"Generally, rattlesnakes emerge from hibernation in March or April, or when the average daytime temperatures reach and remain about 60F and higher," police said on Facebook. "The snakes are then most active when the temperatures are between 80-90F. This means that the snakes may be active most of the day during the spring, and during the early mornings and late afternoons throughout the summer. Please be careful!"