Solution for children post-pandemic

Many of our youngest generation who are now preschoolers and kindergartners are suffering from the effects of the pandemic lockdown.

They experience their own pandemic-related stress from no school, socialization, and isolation during these crucial developmental years, but there’s a unique solution out there speaking to so many parents and children.

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"They have a lot of catching up to do now that they are now back in school full time and around new friends all the time. I think it is just learning how to have relationships with others, how to make friends, how to really socialize," said Jessica Lane, who has a 7-year-old boy. "I noticed he would see other kids, and you could tell he so wanted to interact, and he would just stand back. He would stand back, and he wouldn’t go up and say ‘hi my name is Wyatt or can I play too? It was just this 6-foot block of just can I get in there and have fun."

She’s not alone. Many parents can relate which is why communicating with them through storytelling has become a successful avenue for so many parents.

"It was so sweet, and it was the exact messaging that he needed on how to interact with others, and that was another tool we used along with the other stuff we were doing outside our home," said Lane.

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She’s talking about Brudder’s Books. One of the co-authors is Kristin Leigh.

"I understand how hard it is, and just the pain sometimes the kids will feel in their hearts. It has become a life mission of mine now to be there for them," said Leigh. 

The books include – how to make friends and can come with the physical Brudders bear.

"When you bring the bear, the stuffed animal, to picture and character, you bring him to life, it has been really amazing to hear parents’ stories on how effective it has been to get their kids to understand their emotions and emotions of other children," she said.

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