Sister of woman found in 'Killing Fields' thankful for community's prayers

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LEAGUE CITY, Texas — On Wednesday, four women whose remains were found in the "Texas Killing Fields" of League City decades ago were remembered during a memorial service at Magnolia Creek Baptist Church.

For the first time ever, all four women were identified by their names. On Monday, League City Police revealed the identities of Donna Prudhomme and Audrey Lee Cook, who were unnamed for decades.

Prudhomme's family was at the service. 

"I'm glad I’m here to see this day because I never thought I would," said Dianne Hastings, Prudhomme's sister.  

Hastings said she searched tirelessly for her sister since Prudhomme disappeared in 1991.

Police hope that talking to people who knew Cook and Prudhomme will lead to the killer. They said that relatives last heard from Cook in December 1985. She lived around Houston and Channelview at the time where she mostly worked as a mechanic. Cook was 30 years old when she died.

Prudhomme, who is believed to have been 34 years old when she was killed, was a frequent patron of bars around NASA Road 1 in Seabrook. Investigators say in 1991, Prudhomme lived in Nassau Bay. She was last seen in July 1991.

Brett Dutton, the pastor leading the service, called for the "Texas Killing Fields" to now be known as the "Texas Healing Fields." Hastings agrees.

Laura Miller's mother and father were also at the service. Her father Tim created and has tended to the memorials of the four victims behind the church. He also founded Texas EquuSearch

Detectives are asking anyone who knew Prudhomme or Cook to please contact their tip line by phone at 281-338-8220.