'She was locked in a room, beat up, raped,' says husband of assaulted Harris Co. public servant

A judge will now determine whether a juvenile boy should be tried as a teen or as an adult after being charged with harassing and assaulting a Harris County public servant. 

The District Attorney's Office saying if he is tried as a juvenile, he can be out by 18 years of age. But if he is convicted as an adult, he faces five years to life behind bars.


"It’s a travesty of what happened to her," said James Haak, the victim’s husband. "The only remedy she has in this case is that he be incarcerated, we don’t think that he could be rehabilitated."

James Haak speaking on behalf of his wife, who’s still very distraught over what happened to her nearly a year ago.

The story started out with a passion to help misguided youth. 


Haak tells FOX 26, after nearly 20 years in oil and gas, his wife went back to school later in life. She graduated with a license in family therapy, a master’s degree from St. Thomas. He says, she wanted to help kids. 

She later found herself working with Harris County at the juvenile probation center in Katy. Part of a team, brought in specifically to help one juvenile boy. 

The juvenile was scheduled to speak with a therapist and requested one who could speak Spanish.

Once inside that room, police say he raped and strangled her. She survived, but in terrible condition.

"Let’s face it, she was beat up, she was locked in a room, beat up and raped," said Haak. "She didn’t have a way to call for help, they had given them a radio, which he ripped the batteries out of."


James saying she has been robbed of her career and her life to a degree. She had to quit her job and cant leave the house.

"She can't be in public, she can't do therapy, and I doubt that she would be able to do therapy in a locked room, and that’s what confidentially is all about," said Haak.