Search for woman and sons last seen on Tuesday

Houston Police are searching for a mom and her two sons who disappeared just before 2:00 a.m. Tuesday.

According to John Marsden with Houston's Unsolved Homicides, the trio has been found safe as of Friday evening. 

After days without hearing from them, family members are scouring the area of Alabama Street in Third Ward where they were last seen.

Tanisha Woodard, 34, is a mom of 6. She and her 15- and 11-year-old sons walked away from home after an argument with her common law husband. They have not been seen since.

A search party armed with 1,000 flyers scoured the area around Cuney Homes in search of Woodard and her sons Keilon Sam and Jalen Sam. Tanisha's sisters joined forces with John Marsden, the founder of Houston's Unsolved Homicides in the search.

"This is just not like her to just not call at all, and she has four smaller babies," said Keia Williams, Tanisha's sister.

Tanisha shares her four youngest children with her boyfriend of 11 years. They are ages 8 months to 7-years-old.

Tanisha's sister Lakisha Woodard says she was on the phone with Tanisha's boyfriend Derick Autrey minutes before she disappeared.

"He's screaming and yelling—still arguing with my sister," said Woodard, recalling the phone call. "I hear her in the background."

Autrey says Tanisha and her two oldest sons walked into the darkness toward Alabama Street during an argument about money--and never returned.

He says he went out looking for them that night without luck.

Police say Autrey reported them missing Tuesday morning at 9 a.m.

Police say he told them that Tanisha and her sons all left their cell phones at the apartment when they disappeared.

"I just wish somebody would just let us know where they're at," said Autrey. "Just let us know where they're at."

The search party scanned a half mile radius of Tanisha's home Friday.

"This is kind of fishy to me," said Marsden. "You know you have a mother of six—kept her two oldest kids. She hasn't been seen anywhere and left four kids behind—especially a new born child. You know it don't sit right."

Houston Police are asking the public to call their missing persons unit if you have information on where Tanisha, Keilon and Jalen are located: 832-394-1840.