Santa Fe Mayor Jason Tabor resigns

Santa Fe Mayor Jason Tabor officially resigned on Monday.

Tabor announced it to the community in a letter posted on social media.


"After much thought and prayer, I want to officially inform you that I resigned as Mayor February 14, 2022," he wrote. "It was an honor to serve this amazing City."

He then went on to list his accomplishments while mayor over the past few years.

"I look forward to our community to continue to flourish with a new city manager and in May a new Mayor," Tabor continued. "This is the best decision for myself and my family. I will remain active as I have always been, even before running for office."

Last July, Tabor made headlines after he wrote about the deadly 2018 Santa Fe High School shooting on Facebook, giving an inaccurate motive for the massacre and venting about the admitted shooter still not standing trial.

'I made a mistake': Santa Fe mayor blames Facebook post about high school massacre on alcohol

The Santa Fe mayor is apologizing after posting on Facebook about the 2018 deadly high school shooting. He blames his actions on alcohol.

The mayor then wrote a very personal Facebook post apologizing for his actions, saying he was in "straight up in party mode" at a Louisiana casino over the holiday weekend when he made the original post.

"I am an alcoholic," Tabor wrote. "I started binge drinking when my dad passed. I forgot my medicine this weekend and went to Louisiana because that is where I can hide and stay drunk."


The incident led to a recall effort to get Tabor removed from office during a special election in May.

The Santa Fe City Council has scheduled a special meeting on Friday. According to the council's agenda, they are set to accept Tabor's resignation, cancel the recall election, and schedule a special election in May for mayor.