Ronald Haskell's mom tells jurors about the time he brutally attacked her

Ron Haskell is seeing his mother for the first time in more than five years as she takes the stand in his murder trial.  Seven days before Haskell murdered four-children and their parents, he actually brutally attacked his own mother. That's the last time Carla Haskell saw her son. 

In fact, prosecutors also questioned Mrs. Haskell about the time her son attacked his dad after his dad had cancer surgery he tried to push his father down a flight of stairs. 

"My husband tripped," Mrs. Haskell answered, but she admits her older son had to "body slam" Ronald to make him stop going after his dad.

Haskell's own sister also once got a restraining order against her brother.

Although Mrs. Haskell is testifying in support of her son, you can't help but wonder if her story of the last time she saw him will ultimately help or hurt.

The story Carla Haskell is telling about her son is nearly as chilling as what he did to become the defendant in this Capital Murder trial. He admittedly massacred Stephen and Katie Stay and shot all five of the couple's kids in July 2014.  

A week earlier in his mom's California home, Haskell's mother asked if he had a check that belonged to his ex-wife and she says her son blew up. 

"He pushed me back into the chair. He sat in the chair across from me and he was a different Ron. He just looked very scary," she said. 

Mrs. Haskell added, "He grabbed me around my neck. I thought he was going to kill me."   

Mrs. Haskell says her son would stop, stare her down, then choke her again. 

"I'm assuming I lost consciousness, because when I woke up I was in a different position and I lost control of my bowels."

After two hours, she says her son duct taped her to a chair and left.

Investigators say Ron Haskell, who was previously convicted of abuse against his wife Melanie, then drove from California to Texas and went to Melanie's sister, Katie's house. He murdered Katie, her husband and four of the couple's kids.  A Harris County investigator says Haskell literally collapsed when he found out the Stay's oldest daughter, 15-year-old Cassidy survived.

Haskell's mom says he didn't like Katie because she helped Melanie "escape from him."

She also says her son attempted suicide after his divorce, was in an out of psychiatric hospitals and was suffering mental illness.  Prosecutors say Haskell was diagnosed with Narcissism and has used mental health stays to get out of legal trouble.

Ron Haskell has known Melanie since the second grade. In fact, he also has a long history with the Stay family. Stephen Stay's dad was the bishop of their church in California and Stephen was good friends with Ron Haskell's brother.

While Mrs. Haskell did not tear up on the stand, emotions were running high at one point. The prosecutor was asking Mrs. Haskell if there came a time when she thought her son was a danger to others. 

Shortly after that, Mrs. Haskell admitted, "We were afraid of him. We didn't know what he would do".

The defense objected several times and Judge George Powell scolded the attorneys saying, "We're not going to play this game. Let's not waste the jury's time. Let's continue."

Testimony is expected to continue a few more weeks. Jurors can find Haskell guilty or not guilty by reason of insanity.