Rolling bandits break into restaurant in east Harris County

Jessi Juarez, the owner of Mr Gatti’s Pizza on Uvalde Road in east Harris County is upset that three thieves broke into his business. However, he's glad they did not get away with much and the surveillance video of the thieves still gives him a good laugh.

"They were looking like they were trying to avoid lasers or something," said Juarez laughing. 

Surveillance video inside the dining area shows two of the men dropping to the ground and rolling on the floor when they realize there may be a camera or motion sensor pointed their way.

He believes they've seen too many movies.

"Something out of a spy movie or something out of Oceans 11," he added.

The recording shows the men busting in at 3 a.m. Less than 15 minutes later, when they cannot get into the safe, they leave.

Just before 3:30 a.m., that same day, the owner of Mai Tai Seafood believes the same thieves hit up his restaurant. The two targets are less than a mile apart.

There, the thieves also use a crowbar to bust a window. In both videos, the bandits are wearing hoodies and dark shoes. Also, one of the men has something tied around his head, and another has a mask.

In Juarez's video, one of the men has a large tattoo on his hand. He hopes someone will recognize them and deputies will patrol the area more frequently.

Anyone who recognizes the men can contact the Harris County Sheriffs' Office at 713-221-6000.