Residents dealing with piles of trash say city hasn't picked up in months

Residents in parts of the Denver Harbor neighborhood in northeast Houston are dealing with piles of trash.

They say it's been two months since the City of Houston has picked up large trash and tree waste.

 "I’ve been seeing giant rats running from pile to pile," said Brandon Mora whose grandmother lives in the 300 block of Hoffman. 

Mora showed FOX 26 his attempts to reach Houston311 for her. He says he's gotten multiple excuses.

"They were running late, or the trash was not in the right spot to be picked up or there was a vehicle blocking their way," Mora listed some.

Innocent Hernandez says he's also tried calling.

"They’ll get with you. They’ll call you back, [they'll say] 'We’ll look into it.' The usual," Garcia told FOX 26.

Ritchie Garcia says he saw a trash truck go by last month.

"The heavy trash -- they just drove by. They looked at it, and they kept going," Garcia recalled. He's lived in the same home for more than 40 years and does not remember a time when trash up was so late.

Olivia Cantu says has lived in Denver Harbor for more than three decades. She and her neighbors have piled their trash in the same spot for years. Now, she says, with the pile getting so big people from other areas have started dumping waste there.

FOX 26 reached out to Houston's Solid Waste Management Department.

A public information officer says they will follow up with the supervisor who oversees that area.