Reports: Synthetic flesh spray to go on sale, cover up unwanted blemishes

Soon you’ll be able to cover your imperfect flesh with more flesh. (Photo: KaoJapan)

Feeling insecure about your skin? Soon, you'll be able to cover up your wanted blemishes with synthetic flesh.

The New York Post reported that Japanese cosmetics company Kao Corporation has developed a custom synthetic spray-on skin. The product is called 'est' and is made of tiny, liquid fibers. When sprayed, the substance adheres to human skin and becomes an extremely thin, derma-like material.

They said that the product can be used to cover unwanted blemishes, moles, or other marks on your face or body.

The artificial product reportedly has a similar elasticity to skin and is porous. Even water vapor and air can pass through it.

It is expected to go on sale exclusively in Japan starting December 4, the New York Post said. It costs roughly $532 and includes a diffuser and potion combination. In January, more products, like refills and a lotion version of the product, will be available. Refills will cost $73m while the lotion will cost about $110. 

The New York Post said that advertisements for the product call it "Future Skin."

Kao Corporation reportedly wants to expand next year and soon enter the medical market.

This story was written in Orlando, Florida.