Relatives believe friends may have played a part in 29-year-old woman's death

On June 11, the body of 29-year-old Angela Alba was discovered in her apartment in the 5600 block of Chimney Rock.

Police initially thought her death was an overdose or suicide. But now homicide investigators are following up on  leads uncovered by the woman’s relatives and friends.

“The most painful part is not knowing,” said Angela’s mother Margie Alba. “I just want answers I just want the truth.”

“I don’t know If I will ever be able to sleep or be ok without knowing what happened to her,” said Stephanie Alba, Angela’s aunt.

The only thing relatives of 29-year-old Angela Alba know for certain is she’s never coming back.

“I smelled this odor as soon as I went to her apartment a really foul odor,” said Angela’s brother Christian Alba.

Angela Alba had been dead for at least a couple of days when her brother discovered her body.

The medical examiner has yet to determine the exact cause of her death.

“What I saw nobody should ever find their sister that way,” Christian Alba said.

After Angela was found dead, her aunt and family friend Tonya Evinger began talking to those who saw her last.

“The so-called friends that were around her I think they used her, they robbed her and they ripped her off constantly,” Evinger said. “She was fearful living there.”

“They drugged her and they robbed her, that’s what they're known for,” Stephanie Alba said.

“They didn’t have to kill her,” said Margie Alba. “Rob her, take her money. Why kill her? Why do this? It’s just senseless. They didn’t have to do this to her.”