Quanell X describes meeting with David Conley

"Talking to him was like sitting across from the devil himself." Those are words describing David Conley, the man who's charged with murdering an entire family in Harris County, including his own son.
“I've dealt with some straight up cold-blooded killers in my career and he was the coldest," says community activist Quanell X, who describes Conley as being worse than an animal.

“This man executed a whole family with no remorse," adds Quanell X. "I've seen dogs show more remorse about biting somebody than what that man showed about executing children.” 

Quanell X says he met with Conley in the Harris County jail at the accused killer's request. 

“He seemed absolutely ice cold," says Quanell X. "It's like he didn't have an emotion in him. It was like he was the pure manifestation of evil."  

Conley allegedly told Quanell X that he gunned down ex-girlfriend Valerie Jackson's husband Dwayne Jackson first, never giving Mr. Jackson an opportunity to fight. 

“He said no, he never had a chance," says Quanell.  "I says, 'Huh?' He said, 'I killed him. He was in the bed.  They both were laying in the bed.'"

According to Quanell X, Conley told him he then restrained Valerie and the kids.

“I get chills saying this part, explains Quanell X. "This is what shook me the most, when he said to me, ‘She didn't have no choice but to watch.'  I said, 'Huh?' He said, 'Yeah, she watched.'"

Quanell X says Conley tried justifying murdering Valerie by calling her character into question. He also tried justifying murdering his own son, 13-year-old Nathaniel, by saying the boy may not have been his and was disobedient. 

“He said a disobedient child's days shall be shortened. This dude here never shed a tear then he used the Bible to justify cold-bloodedly executing a child."

Conley called the other five children, ages 6 to 10, kind and respectful and allegedly told Quanell X he killed those kids to hurt Valerie. 

“And he said, 'I just felt they should all be together,' like he was doing them a favor because he said they would no longer have parents. He never shed a tear. I said, 'Man, do you cry?' He said, 'I cry in my cell sometimes,' but it's like he cries in his cell more about the fact that he's in jail."

Quanell X describes being disgusted and cutting the meeting short in anger.

“Without a gun, he's a straight coward. I saw in him a man, you could tell he would beat women but if you put him around other real men, I could tell he's a straight coward. You don't ask the taxpayers to pay for him a trial.  You don't ask the taxpayers to give him three meals and a warm bed and blankets and pay for his laundry to be done. With a dude that low down and wicked, he is irredeemable."   
Conley has not entered a guilty plea and is expected back in court on Nov. 17, 2015.