Puppies found abandoned in suitcase in park

Five puppies are looking for new homes after they were found abandoned in a suitcase in a Fort Bend County park Thursday morning.

The 4-week-old puppies were found sometime before 8:00 a.m. along a path in Mission West Park in Mission Bend. The three males and two females appear to be a German Shepherd/Husky mix.

They have now been picked up by Almost Home Pet Rescue.

"It was someone who was walking or jogging first thing this morning at the park, and that's where they just saw the suitcase," said Rene Vasquez, director of Fort Bend County Animal Services. "They didn't see the puppies until they kind of opened the lid, and there they were. It was not zipped, but they were all in the suitcase."

Vasquez says the puppies appear to be healthy, but they were hungry when the shelter took them in.

"They ate," said Vasquez. "They're not skinny, so it's just a sad thing that someone, instead of bringing them to the shelter; we do accept them, we are open-intake, so we don't really refuse anyone for bringing anything in, but instead they chose to put them in a suitcase."

Vasquez says those interested in adopting the puppies can call the Fort Bend County Animal Shelter.

"Right now it'd probably be what we call 'foster-to-adopt' because they're so little," said Vasquez.

Fort Bend County Animal Services is crowded with about 150 dogs currently, so they're inviting everyone to come adopt.

Whoever abandoned the puppies could face animal cruelty charges. Call the shelter with any information on who might be responsible.