Prosecutors say Haskell drove to fast food restaurant after committing Stay family murders

Prosecutors say Ronald Haskell had so much hatred for the Stay family that after carrying out a massacre at their home he drove to a fast food restaurant, like any other day, and placed an order. Testimony in Haskell's murder trial has been underway since Monday.

Prosecuting attorneys are trying to prove Haskell was driven by anger and not voices as the defense claims, when he shot all seven members of the Stay family.

When Ron Haskell parked his white pickup down the street from the Stay family's Spring home, prosecutors say Haskell walked to his former in laws house disguised in a FedEx uniform, armed with a stolen 9mm, plenty of ammunition and a plan to commit mass murder. They say Haskell was an abusive husband who went after his ex-wife's family when she divorced him. 

Defense attorneys say Haskell has a history of mental illness and was hearing voices when he shot and killed Stephen and Katie Stay and their four kids. Their fifth child, Cassidy, survived and called 911.  

While she struggled to get help after being shot in the head, investigators say Haskell stole the family's car, drove to Sonic to get a drink, then continued to his ex-wife's parents house but was caught by deputies before he could hurt anyone else.

A parade of officers have told the jury they deal with mentally ill people all the time, they say Haskell seemed lucid, didn't talk to himself or laugh inappropriately that day in July of 2014. They testified that they did not believe Haskell was suffering a mental health crisis.  

Prosecutors are trying to drive that point home because jurors have two options, finding Haskell guilty of Capital Murder or not guilty by reason of insanity. If found guilty prosecutors will seek the death penalty. So after admittedly taking six lives, Haskell is now fighting hard to save his own.  The trial is expected to last at least two months.