Prominent Houston business owner hosts "True Blue" gala for police

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One of Houston’s most prominent business leaders hosted the “True Blue” Gala Saturday.  It’s one of the largest fundraisers for the Houston Police Department. 

Tilman Fertitta who is the Houston Police Foundation Chairman certainly knows how to put on a show.  But there are three big takeaways from the event.

First, people get a hands-on lesson on the types of situations officers handle every day. 

Secondly, proceeds from the event help HPD buy equipment such as vests which police say the city’s budget can’t always cover.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland says the message this time around is ‘blue lives matter’, and police need the community’s support.

“Police officers go out here and do the right thing every day and many of them are hurt, shot, stabbed and fight and try to do the best they can to keep the communities they patrol safe,” McClelland said.

“Everybody talks about the police, but imagine not having them. But what people don't realize is 90 percent of the budget is labor,” Fertitta said.

Fertitta went on the say the event pays for the 10 percent of the budget needed for special equipment.  He estimates that $700,000 was raised from this event for HPD.