Pro-life Houstonians celebrate what they call a victory 50 years in the making

"This is a momentous and glorious day. It's a day we've been waiting almost 50 years for," said Christine Melchor Executive Director, Houston Coalition for Life. "We are very excited, and we know many mothers and their babies will be saved from the horrors of abortion."

The Supreme Court ruling makes abortion illegal in about half of the states in our nation. The Lone Star State being one of them. 

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"It's incredible to know the state I was born and raised in is standing up for life, and not letting people destroy such a beautiful thing," said Elyssa Mushinski, a pro-life advocate.

The Houston Coalition for Life and its supporters gathered at Planned Parenthood in the 4600 block of the Gulf Freeway to not only celebrate, but to pray.


"Praise God, thank you Jesus, so many families will be saved now because of this," said Tara Beulah.

"My mother and I rejoiced," said Vienne Cook.

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"The first thing I did, I prayed a lot of joy a lot of happiness. I think the statistic is 63 million babies since Roe vs. Wade first passed, all those mothers who have to live after having the loss of their child, I consider it as hurtful as having a miscarriage," one person said. 

"I knew the day would come. I just didn't know if I would live to see it," said Melchor.