Priest accounts attack by carjackers who shot cop

A Houston priest believes it was divine intervention that saved him from being shot by a group of carjackers who went on a chaotic crime spree. 

On Thursday night, Father Desmond Ohankwere was walking around St. Peter the Apostle Church  at 6220 La Salette Street praying a rosary. An evening routine for him that quickly went awry when four men approached him.

"One of them group put up his gun and came and pointed at my face," Ohankwere recalled. 

He says the suspect pulled the trigger twice but the gun never fired. He remembers them looking upset that the gun failed, and they beat him.

"Everyone was hitting me," Ohankwere added.

He suffered injuries to his arm, knee, hip, and head.

They also robbed him taking his glasses, keys, and cell phones. However, he says, they didn't take his rosary. 

After the men left the church, according to police, they ended up less than half a mile away in the 3700 block of Odin Court.

Raven Gordon and her cousin were on their porch and saw them walk by.

"They looked over here, but they didn’t do anything," Gordon told FOX 26. "They kept walking."

They headed toward their next door neighbor's driveway. That's where police say a young woman was sitting in her truck when the suspect carjacked her at gunpoint. They also took her purse and cellphone. 

Gordon says the victim ran over to her house to call police. 

"She was pretty shook," Gordon said.

Gordon says police arrived quickly but were only able to ask the victim a couple of questions before they left. A few minutes later, she adds, they heard gunfire close by. It was like the shootout between police and one of the suspects.