Prepare for possible holiday travel delays as airlines continue facing staffing issues

Thousands of travelers were stranded in airports this weekend as Southwest Airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights. Allegiant, Spirit, and American Airlines also canceled some flights, as airlines are still struggling with staffing issues, high demand, and weather problems.

You may wonder if these issues will continue and impact your holiday travel plans.

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Experts at The Points Guy travel website say airlines are working to be ready for the holiday rush, but you should still prepare for delays or changes by adding extra time for travel, and checking your flight daily in the weeks before you leave.

"Don't wait for the airline to call, call them. If you really need to travel and can't miss it, book another flight and make a claim against the airline. Save your receipts where you can and depending on what kind of credit card you used to book your flight, you might have travel insurance," said David Slotnick, Senior Aviation Business Reporter with The Points Guy.

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Experts suggest booking flight, hotel, and car rental reservations that you can change or cancel without fees.

The good news is that car rental companies and hotels are starting to have more availability after this summer's shortages.

Also, check your destination's COVID restrictions and protocols a week before your trip, too, so that you can arrange to be tested if needed.