Prairie View A&M students say Sandra Bland has them fearing for their lives

Students at Prairie View A&M, Sandra Bland’s alma mater and where she was about to begin working, say they are frightened and outraged.  They say Bland was a member of the marching band and had a bright future.  But they say they are not surprised what is gaining national attention happened in Waller County.  

“It's close to my heart because my baby is coming here my little sister is coming here,” Marquita Miller said.

Miller says she’s uneasy dropping off her sister at Prairie View A&M.  She can’t stop thinking about how a 28 year old who once roamed the same campus ended up dead in a jail cell nearby.

“It's really sad and the way that they're saying everything happened it doesn't add up at all. It's just sad I didn't think we would be this into racism in 2015,” Miller said.

Taylor Woodson a senior says she’s been the victim of racial profiling in Waller County many times.  The last time she was with a friend.

“He (officer) asked us to get out the car, he asked us numerous questions like: is this our car? Do we have drugs in the car, do we have alcohol? Are we students? It's been an ongoing situation,” Woodson said.

Woodson says students deserve justice and peace.

"I feel like I have to look over my shoulder more because it's as simple as going to the next lane which could put us in jail and even get us killed,” Woodson said.

Jenee Washington is a Prairie View A&M alum.

“I wouldn't say all cops are bad cops ...I feel like there are certain people who target certain people,” Washington said.  I asked: you say a certain type of people let's clarify who are you talking about?...The black people,” she responded.

From all walks of life: freshman to those about to graduate and alums, they say Sandra Bland is another case of police brutality.