Piecing together what happened to two-year-old Maliyah Bass

Community activist Quannell X is now helping piece together what happened to 2-year-old Maliyah Bass, who's been reported missing since Saturday.

On Sunday morning, a jogger reportedly spotted a toddler’s body along Bray’s Bayou, after an Amber Alert was sent out overnight. The body was discovered just a few miles away from Maliyah’s home in Alief.

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"When I went over there, saw the apartment, talked with neighbors, learned a few things. I also learned that the day the baby went missing, they were here at this store, late late night and the baby was at home by herself," Quannell said.

After speaking with Maliyah Bass’s mom, Sahara Ervin and her boyfriend, Travion Thompson, Quannell X says he was shocked to learn the truth unravel about the 2-year-old girl.

"That’s a serious issue that the baby was not here with them late that night, before they made the 911 call that the baby had been abducted. More responsible parenting could have easily prevented this," Quannell said.

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On their front doorstep of Maliyah's home, neighbors already began piling up soft toys and balloons on Monday. Neighbors said they wanted to shower the 2-year-old with the attention and love they say she always deserved.

"She was a sweet little girl. Her smile is big. She's beautiful. She's a happy baby. These people, if they didn’t want this baby, call that daddy in Dallas - come get your child. Take it to the fire station," said Stella, a neighbor who didn't want to provide her last name.

Stella said she and several other neighbors spent all Saturday helping search for Maliyah’s whereabouts. Stella says she's skeptical of Sahara's story.

"From 9 a.m. until 11 p.m., this girl sat here on these stairs saying my baby is gone, my baby is dead. And we’re out here looking for the baby.

"Too fishy because they keep switching stories. Come correct, tell us what you did to this little girl because you know what this sounds like, Maleah Davis. Last year, y’all remember," Stella continued.


Authorities are still waiting for the medical examiner’s office to confirm the body found belongs to Maliyah. Investigators suspect that foul play was involved.

Neighbors are now planning a balloon release to honor 2-year-old Maliyah this upcoming Saturday.