Pecan Grove treasure trove

At 14 years old, Madison Smith has buried more treasure than Blackbeard the pirate ever did. She's not acting alone. This is an effort to have some family fun and to get to know people in their new community. Her family moved to the Pecan Grove neighborhood in July 2018.

"It's designed to be a way to reach your community in a good way," said Madison's father Patrick Smith. "There's so much negative stuff going on and people are going through things. There’s a lot of bad stuff that’s easy to fund."

They decided to put out some good things for people to find instead. For the last three weeks or so, they have been assembling treasure boxes. Each one has a note, some trinkets, maybe a little cash or a gift card and of course, clues on how to find the next box in the series.  

"The idea would be that if you find a box, you take one thing and leave one thing, if you are disciplined enough to do so," said Patrick. He added that everyone who has participated so far has been disciplined and some are just leaving things without taking anything. You can get clues on the Pecan Grove Fun and Friends Facebook page.

One more thing. There's a little log inside so you can record when you found it, what you took and what you left behind. So far, they have ten boxes.

"So if this thing keeps taking off and getting the interest that it is, we'll probably go to twenty boxes," said Patrick. "Maybe down the road. That’s a lot to manage."

A lot to manage for anybody, let alone a young and growing family, but they are having a lot of fun.