Pearland Police Department reporting increase in catalytic converter thefts

The Pearland Police Department says they’re seeing an increase in the number of catalytic converter thefts. 

According to a release, vans and buses at local daycares have been targets. 

Police said that the catalytic converters contain platinum-rhodium and palladium, which can bring good money when sold to metal scrap yards. The prices can vary depending on the market and price increases typically result in an increase of thefts. 

Authorities said that thieves will cut catalytic converters from a vehicle’s exhaust system using grinder or reciprocating saws. You should notice a loud rumbling sound immediately upon starting your vehicle, which indicates your catalytic converters have been stolen. 

Pearland police have some tips to help combat the thefts:
- Park vehicles in well-lit areas, secured areas, or in area where the vehicles may be more visible to passing traffic

- Check vehicles daily and notify police if there’s an issue. This can help narrow down timeframes and patterns

- If you have surveillance video, review daily for suspicious persons or vehicles on your premises. Even if a crime has not occurred, notify police of this activity. Vehicle descriptions give police something to look for when patrolling

- Consider security devices to protect catalytic converters making them more difficult to steal


To report suspicious activity, you can contact the Pearland Police Department non-emergency line at (281) 997-4100.

If you have an emergency, please call 911.