Passover celebrations continue amidst the Coronavirus

Many religious celebrations have been affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic, but instead of canceling plans during holy week, some religious leaders and their followers are adjusting to the situation virtually and making sure everyone is included while social distancing.

Tonight marks the beginning of Passover for the Jewish faith. Even though Synagogues are closed and families are forced to stay away from gathering in person, they are not celebrating alone.

“Passover definitely looks different this year,” says Sara Delgado, with family from all over Texas, she says she’s just happy they are continuing their Passover tradition.

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“My parents, my aunt, and uncle, my grandmother are all in San Antonio. My brother and my cousins are in Dallas, and I am here in Houston, and so it’s definitely looking a lot different the way we can unite together this year.”

Besides social distancing, the pandemic has also made it hard for people to find the items needed for the Seder dinner. Rabbi Dovid Goldstein of the Chabad of West Houston got together with other local Jewish leaders to help out those in quarantine. He tells Fox 26 “There has been this concept of Seder to go, but that’s usually for people that are in a hospital, or in some sort of an institution, that they don’t have a kitchen, they don’t have the ability to make the Passover. So we said let’s just glitz out and help all the people will not be able to have their own Seder this year.”

The response was overwhelming. Between the deliveries and pick up, over 250 Seder kits were given out, that’s enough for over 1,000 people. We asked Rabbi Goldstein if technology was a blessing during this time.

“Everything is a creation of God, so why did God create technology? So there’s a good point and a bad point and it is our free will to choose. So if we use it for the good things this is what it was created for," Goldstein said.

Passover is a time to reflect, and there’s no doubt that this time next year, we will all have something to appreciate from what we went through. “It will be something that we will look back on and it‘s special in its own way.” Says Delgado.

If anyone is still missing items that they need for Passover, you’re encouraged to contact your local synagogue and see how they can assist you in getting what you need.