Houston church steps up to help the hungry during COVID-19 outbreak

On Houston's southwest side "the need” is always there and yet in this time of Coronavirus, it has grown much, much greater. 

“There's a lot people out here now just struggling to make it week to week” said Wanda Robertson as she waited for her turn at the head of the food line.

Many jobs are gone and the collective sense of security with them.

“A large number of the people in our community are the people who work in the service industry and they are not working right now,” said Reverend James Lee of the Bethel “Heavenly Hands” service ministry.

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For Lee, the path is clear to “walk-the-walk”.

”These times right now, we get to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ,” says Lee.

Since the COVID-19 came, the folks at Bethel Family Baptist have increased food distribution from one to three times a week.

It is an outpouring answered with three times the gratitude from families facing hard choices and uncertain futures.

“Keep food on my table,” said Marvin Stewart, a senior citizen.

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“Thank you for the foods,” said Sofia Real in Spanish.

Fox 26 has learned that since the Coronavirus began escalating in Houston the lines for food at Bethel have quadrupled.

On Wednesday, amid the crippling pandemic, those in need wait patiently car after car - at least 1,500 hundred in total.

At Bethel, those in need can fill their pantry, if not their bank account.

“I'm not working, so that right there just helps me out with the food,” said Eva Ramirez.

“I'm just praying for all of us, especially those with kids,” added Robertson.

Trunk by trunk, volunteers load the sustenance as safely as they can, given the contagion.

For Pastor Lee, fully engaged in the battle to be his brother’s keeper, the needs moving forward are simple - time, treasure and most of all, willing hands.

“When times get tougher, when money gets tight, when you have to help your brother and help your neighbor, that's when we have to come together as a Christian community and just serve and that's what we are doing here and that's all we are doing here. We are just serving the needs,” said James.

In the space of 48 just hours, the giving and the getting will begin again.

“Need it and thank God for it,” said Stewart as his portion was loaded.

Human caring humans, in the time of Coronavirus.