Coronavirus most common among Houstonians in their 30s

The number one age group to catch Coronavirus COVID-19 in the Houston area is people in their 30s, according to combined data from Harris County and Houston.

A whopping 20% of the people diagnosed with coronavirus are between the ages of 30 and 39, according to the city and county's data.

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The latest numbers show 430 people in their 30s have confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Houston and greater Harris County -- more than any other age group.

They’re neck-and-neck with people in their 40s. There are currently 409 cases of the virus in that age category.

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The good news is that fatalities are extremely rare in that age group.--just 0.18% for people in their 30s and 0.4% for people in their 40s, according to Houston Methodist. Compare that to an 18% death rate for people in their 80s.

With that being said, Houston’s mayor on Tuesday announced the city’s 11th COVID-19-related death is a man in his 30s with an underlying health condition.

Houston Health Dept. officials say while more younger people may have caught the virus, their symptoms are typically not as severe. Some may even have no symptoms.


“Remember the phenomenon of asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic spread--which is unique to this virus--is real, which is why so many of us are wearing masks so that we don’t accidentally spread it,” said Dr. David Persse with Houston Health Dept.

In the Houston-area very few of the very old and very young populations are catching the virus.

Harris County’s data shows just 4% of the cases are people 80 years or older, and just 4% of the cases are people under 20.

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