Pasadena's David Ortiz among missing in San Marcos fire

Debris now remains outside of two apartments in San Marcos that caught fire early Friday morning. Crews say 200 people have now been displaced, six were injured and three have been confirmed dead. Sunday morning rescue efforts continued for five people who are still missing.

James Miranda, Haley Frizzell, Belinda Moats, David Ortiz and Dru Estes are still unaccounted for. Tish Eubanks says Ortiz went to Pasadena Memorial High School and graduated in 2015, the school at which she was the assistant principal.

“He was that kid that you knew was going to go off to college and do great things and just an exciting time in his life and for our school to really we knew he was going to do great things,” Eubanks says.

Over the last few days when family wasn’t able to get ahold of him, Eubanks says his mother Gina dropped everything and drove up there.

“I was just so hoping that he’d be that he would be doing something some college kid would do like he was floating the river with friends or something that he would cal,l but you know it’s all over the news and so those hopes are diminishing,” says Eubanks.

For Eubanks, the time waiting will be spent praying that Ortiz is okay.