Parents react to Spring ISD teacher out on bond after child indecency charge

A third-grade teacher in Spring ISD is out on bond after being arrested for inappropriately touching at least two of his 10-year-old students.

It happened at Eickenroht Elementary School over the first half of the 2019-2020 school year, according to court documents.

Danilo Martinez, 47, has been charged with two felony counts of indecency with a child.

Investigators say his victims were two 10-year-old girls, and they’re continuing to interview more potential victims.

Martinez appeared before a judge before bonding out this week on two $75,000 bonds.

His alleged victims say he started touching them on their private parts in school as early as the third day of classes last fall, and it continued through December at the school Christmas party.

“I get real mad, because I’m like, why do you do that to a younger kid?” said Keiyshondre Jackson, an Eickenroht Elementary mom. “Like why do you do that period?”

Jackson has three children enrolled at the school.

“The back of my mind, it’s like, you should take your kids out and move them to a different school,” said Jackson.

Spring ISD officials say Martinez has been suspended without pay and recommended for termination.

According to court records, it was the principal of the school who first alerted police in December, after a school employee heard some of the 10-year-old students talking about how Mr. Martinez has touched them sexually, even putting his hands down one of the victim's pants.

Jackson says she’s had conversations with her children to try to protect them from child predators.

“I be like, ‘That’s bad. You don’t let nobody do that to you. And if somebody else does it to you, you to tell somebody,'” she said. “And they come and tell me everything.”

Prosecutors requested a high bond, trying to keep Martinez from bonding out of jail, but the judge did not grant that. Prosecutors said Martinez is a danger to the public and a flight risk, as he is from El Salvador.

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