Parents calling for Cy-Fair ISD coach, principal to be fired after coach allegedly made racist remarks

Parents of a Cy-Fair ISD middle school student are calling for a coach to be fired after they say he made racist remarks to their son. It was at Labay Middle School where the parents of a 14-year-old boy say his coach made a derogatory comment about Black-on-Black violence.

"I mean it was very inappropriate," explains the boy’s mom, Rakisha Wilcox.

When their son arrived home from Cypress-Fairbanks ISD’s Labay Middle School Tuesday, the parents say they couldn’t believe what their 14-year-old said happened on the football field.

"They were about to practice and the Coach told my son I’m going to have the African-American coach smack you in the face, so I can see some Black-on-Black violence," says Wilcox. 


"That was very offensive, very insensitive, belittling and demeaning," adds the boy’s dad, Gregory Williiams.   

"There was another student who was around when the coach made that racist comment, and he said 'coach what did you say?' and then that’s when the coach said 'I like Black-on-Black violence. Don’t you?' with a smiling smirk on his face," says Community Activist Quanell X.

The day after, on Wednesday, the parents met with Labay school officials to address what they say the coach, whom we are not naming right now, said to their son.

"They stated that they weren’t sweeping it under the carpet and that they were taking this matter very seriously," says Wilcox. 

"If you really take it seriously, why is he not at home pending the outcome of this investigation? Why is the coach not on administrative leave? Because you’re not taking this seriously," adds Quanell. 


"The school system let us down. I feel like our kids are here to learn and not to be subjected to such degrading words," says Williams. "We’re appalled. We’re upset and we want the immediate termination of that coach and we want the principal to resign because the principal at the very least should have sent that coach home after the coach admitted to the principal that he did make the remark. The principal did not do that because Black lives do not matter at this school," says Quanell.     
A spokesperson for Cy-Fair ISD says "This incident is currently under investigation by campus and district administration."