Paleta Bar in Memorial going viral for their flavors

The Paleta Bar in Memorial has gone viral for their flavors that include avocados.

There’s nothing like seeing the paleta man (paletero) coming around the corner, you knew it was time for a cold Mexican treat.


The Paleta Bar has gone viral on Instagram and TikTok as a one-stop shop where you can make all your wildest paleta dreams come true. You can discover flavors you’ve never even imagined, like avocado with white chocolate and pistachios, or a cucumber popsicle stuffed with Chamoy. You can customize it as you wish.

They also sell fresh waters, corn, nachos, and more.

Owner Amin Kamaludein says he moved to Houston when he was young and remembers those flavors, but really dove into them when his partners, who are Hispanic, took him around to taste different paletas.


The palettes (popsicles) are made fresh, with fresh fruit daily and in-house. They don’t use anything non-organic or any kind of powders, and they bring in fresh fruit usually every two days.

The flavors are not the only thing Amin loves, he says people are always happy when they’re eating the paletas and that makes him happy.

They are located at 9738 Katy Freeway. For more information, click here