ONLY ON FOX: Man accused of shooting at Black teens in apparent hate crime

Jadarieon Henderson and Derrick Green were at a convenience store in southwest Harris County when prosecutors say 69-year-old Santiago Hernandez began talking to them.

He asked if one of the teens was wearing a Black Lives Matter T-shirt. He wasn't.

Then prosecutors say Hernandez wanted to shake their hands.

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"He said why can't you shake my hand boy," Henderson said. "That's when he started acting racist calling us other names."

"He followed us to this street and kept talking to us," Green said. "He threw racial slurs at us and then he told us he'd be back."

Hernandez lives just down the street from where the Green and his family live.

"He left came back in his car and shot twice," Henderson said. "I ran over there and he hit the window, then he came back he shot at my friend's mom. He pulled a gun on her."

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"When we go to the grand jury if we find sufficient evidence to prove that hate crime enhancement then the punishment is raised to 5 years to life in prison for each count," said Harris County Assistant DA Nathan Beedle.

Hernandez is currently charged with three counts of aggravated assault of a deadly weapon.