ONLY ON FOX: Interview with 20-year-old man who spent month in Harris County Jail

"It was just terrible working in quarantine tanks getting forced to work putting my health in jeopardy," said J'Ques Minor.

The 20-year-old was in jail for charges of evading arrest and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

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He was shot in 2018. The bullet left him with just one lung.

He says he became a trustee or floor worker on the 5th floor.

"Because they needed help," said Minor. "The detention officers a lot of them stopped coming into work and most of them started calling in."

Minor says he can understand why some of the detention officers didn't want to go to work.

"You could hear them gossiping about it saying such and such called in because they don't want to catch the virus or such and such called they ain't willing to come into work today," he said.

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Minor says he and other inmates that were trustees had to clean the quarantine tanks. "I was definitely taking a chance," said Minor. "I feel like it wasn't the inmates' place to be doing what the detention officers are getting paid for they got us doing their work.

Minor was released after getting a PR bond.

His mother LaKendra Denton is on a mission to get more inmates released.

"I'm still trying to help others that was in there with him that have some serious underlying conditions," she said.

The sheriff's department advises all released inmates to go home and self-quarantine for 14 days. They must also wear masks upon discharge and have COVID-19 discharge instructions and resources.