ONLY ON FOX: Good Samaritan saves double amputee in wheelchair from train

Over the weekend, one man jumped out of his car to help a double amputee in a wheelchair from crossing the railroad tracks as a train was approaching. Two women in the car behind caught the man's kind and selfless gesture on video.

On a rainy Saturday morning, several cars were stopped just before the railroad tracks near the intersection of West Little York and Victory Dr. in northwest Houston. A train was approaching and its horn, blaring in the distance.

A man in a wheelchair was apparently past the "do not cross" arm, trying to get across the train’s tracks.

Stacey Jones is a minister at Goodwill Baptist Church in Acres Homes. That morning, the 49-year-old was on the way home from a prayer service and saw that the man in the wheelchair could be in danger. 

"You don’t want to see somebody die right in front of your face! That’s what was going through my mind. I just didn't want him to get hit," Jones said.

Jones didn’t want to wait to find out what could happen next.  

"I had to help him so I jumped out my car and go under the sticks, grab his wheelchair and just get him out of danger. Basically, just got him away from the tracks and stayed there with him until the train passed," Jones said.

Jones even went on to physically carry the double amputee into his car, put his wheelchair in the trunk, and gave the man a ride. The man apparently had few words to say and declined Jones’ offers for more help. His identity remains a mystery. 

"He really was not answering a lot of my questions. I really didn't get his name. I tried to ask him where he lived. He really didn’t tell me that. He just said, ‘I want to go to Food Town," Jones said. 

Mariel Thomas and her sister, Taylor, were in the car behind Jones and caught the entire thing on video.

"It's refreshing to see someone do something so selfless for someone else -- not for recognition or not because they can get something back in return, but just because they're being a kind person. I know, I needed to see it, just to restore my faith in people, and it did," Thomas said. 

Jones' split-second decision to jump to action may have saved this man’s life, but to this good Samaritan, it was just another day.

"The main thing is to have a compassion for a human being. Just be compassionate. And just try to walk and love. If you can help somebody, help them," Jones said.