One of Houston's most headline grabbing killers being considered for parole

"You have a whole in your heart forever," said Yvonne Palmer. "You have to live with this pain day in, day out."

The only place Palmer and her sister Yvette Menendez can visit their mother is the cemetery.

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"Her grandkids have kids now that she never met," Palmer said. "I have a granddaughter named after my mother she's never met and will never meet."

November 27, 1998, started out like any other day for 54-year-old Manuela Silverio. She was working at Wigs by Andre in the 5300 block of Weslayan. A job she had held for 23 years. A then 19-year-old Dror Goldberg slashed Manuela's throat.

He also stabbed the couple who owns the shop, they survived.

"He planned this, had written it in a notebook five years prior," said Palmer. "An officer found it in his backpack, he had written exactly what he had did."

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A jury convicted Goldberg in 2000 and sentenced him to 45 years.

He's now 44 and has served half of his sentence, which automatically makes him eligible for parole.

"And then you're back with your parents, no," Menendez said. "He had no remorse for what he did, he's never said he's done it."

Goldberg has written two books while behind bars that are on Amazon.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is aware and now investigating.

"The little rich boy trying to get out of prison," Palmer said. "He's a paralegal now, so now he's got a job."

"As long as I'm still alive, and my sister is still with me, we're going to keep going," said Menendez said.

"We will never give up," said Palmer. "When we're gone, my kids will take over. We are never going to give up on this."