Non-profits help 83-year-old woman return home 2 years after Harvey damaged it

"Today you got clothes, you got furniture, you got food, you got everything you need," said 83-year-old Maxie Arvie. "The next day, you have nothing."

Like a lot of Houstonians, like Arvie, lost everything to Hurricane Harvey.

She would spend the next two years staying with her daughter.

"I lived out of a black trash bag and a box," Arvie said.

Arvie says her daughter welcomed her to stay with her, but she wanted to return to her old life.

"I wanted to be in my house," she said.

Two years after the fateful storm, Arvie is back home. It is all thanks to SBP.

"We are a non-profit disaster and recovery and resiliency organization so here in Houston we are rebuilding homes damaged by hurricane Harvey, and we're working with other non- profit organizations to help additional clients be served and get homes as soon as possible,"  said SBP Executive Director Mark Smith.

SBP volunteers and other non profits who helped Arvie get back into her home were there to welcome her home.

"Only by the grace of God has all this happened,' Arvie said. "It all worked out in the end it all worked out."