New surveillance photos show a man wanted for murder with a metal pipe

New surveillance photos show a man wanted for murder after he beat his victim with a metal pipe.

New surveillance images show Terry Calhoun was at the checkout counter inside Liberty Food Market in Houston's 5th Ward when someone used a long metal pipe to hit him twice, once in the forehead and once in the back of the head, killing him.

“He didn’t deserve to die the way he did.”

Terry Calhoun’s sisters are hopeful the surveillance images put out by police today will help catch their brother’s killer.

Terry is seen in black standing against the counter as the suspect in the Fila jacket approaches with the long metal pipe.

Police say the killer did not immediately leave the scene after the assault.

“For some reason, the suspect and two other males picked him up and took him outside," said Detective Sergeant Thomas Simmons with the Houston Police Department.

Police say the killer was gone when they arrived.

Theresa Williams, a friend of the victim was there as paramedics tried unsuccessfully to save him.

“I said, ‘Is he going to be alright?’ He said, ‘Well we’re trying to resuscitate him. He’s still not responsive.’ I went into my prayer, and I prayed. I prayed," she said. 

Police have released photos of the murder suspect in hopes someone will recognize him and lead officers to his location.

Police say before the deadly assault, the killer shouted something about a debt that hadn’t been repaid.

“Something about him owing him money.”

“I heard $15. If you’re gonna kill someone for $15, maybe you need to re-evaluate the way you’re living your life," said Nicole Calhoun, one of the victim's sisters. 

Terry’s sisters gathered to grieve at his home.

The 46-year-old leaves behind a son and two grandchildren.

“He done took him from his grandkids. He done took everything away from us," said Sandra Calhoun, the victim's sister. "That was my little brother."

Police say the man with the pipe goes by the name Colombia.

He’s described as black in his early 20s, wearing a red white and blue Fila jacket and driving a gray Dodge Charger.

“We know the actual guy used to hang with my nephews. So we know the guy who did it, so we just want justice.”

Anyone with information that could help lead to an arrest in this murder is asked to call the Houston Police Homicide Division or Crimestoppers at 713–222-TIPS.