New statistics on teens' cell phone use

Pew Research has new stats on how teens feel about smartphones. Here’s what the new stats have to say.

If you think your teen uses their phone too much, there's a 1 in 2 chance they agree, according to Pew Research. One in 3 parents feel they do the same.

Seventy-two percent of teens say they check messages as soon as they wake up, but so do almost 60 percent of parents.

More parents admit to being distracted at work by their phones, compared to students feeling distracted in class.

What's kind of interesting is about half of all teens say they've cut back on using phones. That number was the same for teens who felt they overused and teens who felt they used phones the right amount or even too little. So, it appears to be a general trend.

Then there's bad news. Far more teens say they get anxious, lonely or upset without their phone – compared to those who felt relieved or happy.