New Magnolia ISD bus routes cause uproar from parents and students

They're not happy, not at all. So much so, that some parents are pulling out their phones to record how far this year's bus stops are from their homes.

Middle school student Kayla George and her mother Jacqueline are pretty angry.

"Not that happy, not that happy." Kayla said.

"Last year right here," added Jacqueline while pointing a finger.  

"All we had to do is go down the driveway at the end of the cul de sac and wait."

She says the route has no sidewalks, no streetlights and for much of the year, it will be dark. She and other parents only learned about the routes last week, and when they did, they raised a stink.

"Some emails were getting sent to the school board and the bus barn and then two or three days later, we got an email changing the route."

Kayla's new route was shorter, but not short.

I walked it myself. I was not pushing a stroller with two kids as Jacqueline would be doing and it took me over 13 minutes. It hot, and there was an unfixed male pit bull roaming around off leash.

Magnolia ISD wouldn't go on camera, but in an email they pointed out that because the district is so spread out, it spends twice as much on transportation as the typical district. The cost savings will go into the classroom. Many districts do not pick up students who live within two miles, and they are providing that service to all families.

"I don't really like it but its not as bad as what the other kids have to walk," said Kayla.

And hopefully, that dog's owner will restrain him once school starts.