New COVID-19 antibody survey to begin on Sunday in Harris Co.

A new COVID-19 antibody survey will begin on Sunday throughout Harris County. The survey is designed to better understand how many people in Harris County may have already been infected with COVID-19.

According to Harris County Public Health, they will have teams of workers scattered throughout the county who will randomly select homes. County residents who agree to participate in the survey will be tested for Coronavirus antibodies. Antibody tests help determine if people might have had the virus in the past.

“The project is looking to see if people have been infected,” said Dr. Deborah Bujnowski from Harris County Public Health (HCPH). “This will give us a more comprehensive look within Harris County. As well as give us an idea as to which areas might be hardest hit.”

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HCPH will be in different parts of the county from November 15 – December 15, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. We’re told that only homes approached by the teams are eligible to participate in the survey.

So far this year, more than 170,000 people have tested positive for COVID-19 just in Harris County.

“We do anticipate that certainly there could be people participating that don’t know they were infected,” said Dr. Bujnowski.


The teams of workers will be wearing identifiable yellow vests and will be carrying identification cards.

Participants will be asked a series of survey questions and to provide a blood sample that will be tested for COVID-19 antibodies.

“This will give us an opportunity to reach those people who may have not known they were infected,” said Dr. Bujnowski. “That can provide really important information for us, not only in terms of future prevention efforts, but also in understanding who is more vulnerable to the condition.”