NAACP Houston, city leaders march at Wheatley HS to protest TEA's possible HISD takeover

Local organizations joined by community members and city and state leaders held a march at one of the most historic Houston ISD campuses to take a stand against the state's decision to take over the entire district.

The rally was held in front of Wheatley High School to protest the Texas Education Agency possibly taking over HISD as rumors have been swirling about a takeover being ‘imminent’ for the largest school district in Texas.

Many city and state leaders were present at the march to show their support for keeping HISD in the hands of the superintendent. Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee, Mayor Sylvester Turner, and more were present at the rally which showed support from the community.

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"[The march] Was an excellent showing. But more importantly, it was to highlight one of Houston's most historic high schools founded in the early 1920s, early 20th century. This massive complex was built in 1949. So many stellar graduates. But remember Houston Independent School District and a public school," said Congresswoman Lee.

People in the crowd did not hold back with chants such as ‘The people united, will never be defeated.’

"What is happening right now is that people are responding to the rumors of what information has been sent to the people. And people are responding to that. But the people that are not speaking to the public are the people in Texas Education Agency, the people at the state," said Mayor Turner. "They are the ones not talking, the ones who can, can, who can in a sense, determine the destiny of the schools or HISD. They are not talking, at least they are not talking to the parents and they're not talking publicly."

Earlier in the week, State Representative Ron Reynolds exclusively stated to FOX 26’s Isiah Carey, that he had a conversation with Commissioner Mike Morath, and within that conversation, Morath stated that he will be meeting next week with legislators from the Houston area to let them know that the takeover is ‘imminent.'

"I believe if they talk to us, they may decide to take a different course because their record of taking over schools has not produced success. We need investment in what's working to make it work better as opposed to disinvestment, to intentionally cause it to fail," said Bishop James Dixon, President of NAACP Houston.

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Many teachers in the school district are concerned about the looming takeover as well and how this could impact the teacher shortage even more.

"It's a lot at stake here. It's our kids, our future, and it's how the state of Texas will be. You know, I'm telling people all the time, this may be the 88th legislative session, maybe the most important session to people of color in the history of Texas. Come on up. Get on the buses", said Texas Senator Borris Miles.

President Dixon says the NAACP Houston branch will be writing a formal letter to the TEA on the takeover on Monday. He also adds, "Many of us are going to Austin on Tuesday asking formally and cordially of our governor to meet and asking Mike Morath to meet with us as well."

Officials were obviously fired up and they're looking forward to Tuesday.