NAACP calls for Brazoria County councilman to resign after alleged assault

The Brazoria County chapter of the NAACP is calling for the resignation of a West Columbia council member after he allegedly assaulted a man for speaking out against an agenda item.

The whole ordeal began when Dan Lee claimed he was kicked twice in his backside by Council Position 4, James Walker in the parking lot in front of West Columbia City Hall.

Now they're asking for Walker to step down.

Lee, the alleged victim and his wife kneeled during the Pledge of Allegiance at Monday night's council meeting, showing they were there in protest of Walker.

Lee claims he was assaulted by Walker on June 8, and that the two have exchanged words in the past.

“I think it was really racially motivated to make the Black people to not want to come to the city council meeting to speak because that’s what the whole ordeal was about. He didn’t want me to speak,” said Lee.

One by one, members of the NAACP and supporters addressed the council, advising that Walker should resign.

Lee also spoke to Walker, who was sitting in his usual seat on the council “I’m a die, I’m a die trying to get even with you man, and I don’t care what nobody think, if that’s a threat. You can tell the chief come and get me, partner. What you did to me is not acceptable in any fashion or form,” said Lee.

West Columbia Police have turned the case over to Brazoria County District Attorney’s Office. City officials have expressed that they can’t force Walker to leave his position.

Eugene Howard the President of Brazoria County NAACP Branch tells FOX 26 “It’s up to the DA and up to the JP to charge it the correct way, but what we will continue to do is demonstrate civil disobedience in regards to ... because we believe as an organization there is no place for hatred. There is no place for systemic racism.”

We reached out to Councilman Walker for an interview, but have not received a response.

The NAACP of Brazoria County says they are asking for West Columbia Police to release any body camera footage they have from the day of the incident. They are also hoping that the DA’s office will upgrade the misdemeanor charge to a felony.