Muslims defend religion on 9/11

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Individually people have expressed sadness, anger, and even hatred towards the group of individuals that attacked the United States on 9/11, Al-Quada. They are an Islamic militant organization who declared a “holy war” against our country.  But those in Houston’s large Muslim community want people here to know their beliefs are far from those of the enemy.

“I don’t know about their beliefs but my beliefs truly say that murdering one human being is like murdering entire humanity,” said Waquar Mehmood, a local Muslim.

Islamic extremists have been known for their violent agendas based on their religious beliefs. But the Muslim community here in Houston tells us these extremists only link Islam to their militant organization for political purposes.

“Remember that they’re not acts because of religion. They’re acts because of a political agenda,” said Mustafaa Carroll, the Executive Director of Houston’s CAIR Office. “And the only usages the terrorist have for using the word Islam or Muslim is to galvanize the masses to their cause.”

But the Muslim community here says they have not been fazed by these terroristic politics. They claim their nonviolent agenda more accurately represents their religion.

“We know better than to say that the Klan is all Christians,” said Carroll. “So the same things could be said for Al-Quada, Hezbollah or any of those groups that say that they’re fighting a holy war against innocents. That’s false and definitely not something that Islam stands for.”

And as for the 9/11 attack itself, and remembering that day in our history, the Muslim community here says they share the same pain and anguish as any other American. 

“It happened on our soil, where we live, where we call our home,” Najmus Saquib Hassan , a local Muslim.