Mother shot in head while cooking breakfast for her children

A woman shot in the head while preparing breakfast in her own kitchen is lucky to be alive, but now Harris County Sheriff’s Office deputies need your help in finding the man they believe is the shooter.

Bethany Myles tells FOX 26 News that if the bullet had been a few millimeters in either direction, she would have lost her life. She says this started as an argument in the street over $30. A man went to grab a gun to scare people, but instead shot a bullet into her home.

"And then all of a sudden, I heard like a ringing in my ear, and I just fell backwards," describes Myles. "I drop the plate and fell backwards and I didn’t know I had been shot."

The 32-year-old woman was cooking breakfast for her children, along with her niece and nephew who were visiting.

"All I remember on the floor is my kid saying, you know, 'There’s so much blood, there’s so much blood.' They called their dad, they called 911."

Myles and her family moved into their home around seven months ago, and believed it to be a quiet neighborhood. She tells FOX 26 that the gunshot was fired because neighbors across the street started arguing over $30 for a birthday cake.

"A group of girls had given them money for a birthday cake and apparently they didn’t get the birthday cake, so the girls all jumped out and they were beating up the girlfriend," says Myles. "The shooter went in the house and got the gun and he supposedly was going to shoot up in the air but when he brought the gun up, it shot through my house."

Myles is in constant pain. Her hearing is off, and one side of her face is dropping because of it.

"The bullet has to stay right here because of where it is, it’ll do more damage trying to remove it then it will to just leave it there,“ says Myles.

Recovery will take some time. The mother of three will have to put her college degree on hold while she deals with this injury. She is hoping the shooter will come forward.

"You didn’t shoot me on purpose, but I did get shot and you know it was your bullet that hit me, so you need to take responsibility for your actions and just come forward," pleads Myles.

The man that HCSO deputies believe is responsible is still out there, so if you have any information, please contact Crime Stoppers of Houston by phone at 713-222-8477 (TIPS).