Mother of man shot to death outside Washington Ave. nightclub wants justice

A mother is pleading for justice after her son was shot and killed outside a Washington Avenue nightclub. 

The shooting left 33-year-old German Maravilla Aguilar dead and two others injured last month outside Heart Nightclub and no one has been arrested yet. 

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"They left my son dying on the concrete dying by himself. This is killing me," cries the mom in mourning Lisa Maravilla Aguilar who says her heart is left broken after her son, German was shot to death in the parking lot outside Heart Nightclub on Washington Avenue on August 14, 2022.

"I just need justice because this guy is anxious to kill people," says Mrs. Aguilar. 

Houston Police investigators say Aguilar’s son was shot by his ex-girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. 

The gunfire also left a bouncer shot in the arm and another man who accidentally shot himself in the leg while running from the gunfire. Detectives say the ex-girlfriend then left with the shooter in a white Jeep Grand Cherokee.


"I just need these two, these two criminals to be in jail. That’s what I need because they killed my son," Aguilar says through tears.

Investigators haven’t named a suspect in Aguilar’s shooting death. Aguilar’s mom says her son’s killer has an extensive criminal record, and she says he has been questioned by police but at this point, no one has been arrested.