Mother of girl in CPS foster care who caught worker telling her to be a prostitute says agency is retaliating

"I feel like CPS knows they messed up, and now they're trying to attack my other daughter, that's unfair," said Keisha Bazley.

Bazley says she wanted CPS's help because her 14-year-old daughter was running away and causing trouble in school.

WATCH: CPS employee caught on camera telling 14-year-old girl to become a prostitute

The teen like many others in foster care was living in a hotel.

When she told a CPS worker she was hungry, that worker can be heard on tape telling the 14-year-old to become a prostitute.

Since the story aired, CPS has moved the girl to three different foster homes 

"Yes, they've moved her three different times, and she's being moved again," Bazley said.

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"It is unusual," said family law attorney Mike Schneider. "Number one, I haven't heard of any behavioral problems this week, and all of a sudden three placements break down. It's not unheard of, but it's very, very rare."

And the alleged retaliation doesn't stop there.

On Thursday, Bazley says her oldest daughter, who is 25 and has 3 small kids, found a note taped to her door.

"They had an anonymous tip, an anonymous caller saying she was on drugs, and she was living in her car with her kids," said Bazley.


"I was on the phone with her daughter in real time when CPS showed up," Schneider said. "Ironically, they're talking to her about accusations she’s living out of her car in her home that has two cars out front. Healthy kids obviously, no drug use."

"My juvenile daughter lived with my oldest daughter and CPS was aware of that they knew that," Bazley said.

"The fact that all of this has happened just in one week, that had not happened in anyway like this before, is suspicious," said Schneider.

"I'm so worried. I don't want to stay here anymore," said Bazley. "I don't want to live in Texas anymore. I love this place. I graduated college from Texas. I'm ready to go."