Mother claims son was bitten by a rat in southwest Houston apartment complex

When Alexandra Williams signed her lease at the Reserve at Braes Forest she thought the complex was nice and loved the playground for her son, but she didn't expect that rats and mice would move in one year later.

The infestation began in April, she claims she saw one rat, then as time went on she saw more rats and mice in her apartment. Williams put in several complaints to management about the issue. Maintenance came and closed the holes the rodents chewed through with expanding foam, and laid out numerous traps. Williams says that it wasn’t enough, and posted several pictures on her Facebook page.

The last straw was on June 14 when Williams claims her 3-year-old son Camron was bitten by a rat. She brought him to a hospital, thankfully he only needed antibiotics. Williams says she is done with the complex and is moving out tomorrow, but wants to warn people about moving into the complex.

We reached out to apartment complex who said that they did everything that they could for Williams. They sent out a letter to residents that we were able to obtain which stated “This particular situation did not respond to the typical treatment recommended by the pest control company. We hired a rodent specialist who further investigated the issue and found that residents throwing trash on the roof had caused the issue.”