More than a dozen horses seized from stable in animal raid

"There's not a horse in this barn that's ever missed a meal," said Carla Winters owner of Hill Rose Farm.

Winters has owned the farm since 1989. She vehemently denies starving her horses.

"I'll do without before they do without," she said.

But the SPCA is obviously concerned. A search warrant was obtained and the horses seized.

One by one the horses some with visible ribs and missing teeth were placed in horse trailers.

In 2017 animal control investigators told Winters she had to .do certain things to keep the horses.

"Clean up the grounds, clean up the manure, and waste and everything the horses were around," said Kelley Woods with Bayou Animal Services.

So why did the SPCA return Thursday with a warrant?

"Because were concerned with the horses well being so we're making sure they are being taken care of," Woods said.

The seizure follows hundreds of comments and shares on Facebook claiming the horses were starving to death.

"They turned it in to us we told them we were on it we were investigating it it's not at the snap of your fingers things don't get done like that," said Woods.

Investigators say they could see one horses condition become more grave in just a five day period.

We asked Winters why some of the horses looked thin and malnourished.

"Most of the horses in this barn are at least 18 to 20 years old," she said.

A judge will decide if the horses are returned to Winters or stay in the custody of the SPCA.