More possible missing evidence from a Constable's property room

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More possible missing evidence from a Constable’s property room.

This time it’s Precinct 7.

Today the Harris County District Attorney’s office sent out this memo:

"Today we learned that there may be issues concerning evidence located at the Harris County Constable Precinct 7 Evidence and Property Room. If you have a Precinct 7 case where evidence or property was submitted to the Precinct 7 evidence and property room, you must confirm that the evidence or property is still in the possession of Precinct 7 before proceeding with prosecution.  In such situations you should suggest that defense counsel visit the property room and personally inspect the evidence or property if he or she has any concerns as to the existence of the evidence or property. If you learn that the evidence or property cannot be located, you must promptly inform defense counsel. If you have a Precinct 7 case that had no physical evidence or property submitted to the Precinct 7 evidence property room you may proceed with prosecution as you would in any other case.

Thank you."

Constable May Walker says auditors could not find two pieces of evidence, but that’s because the now retired manager of the property room had a quirky filing system. The evidence was always in the property room and it has not been located.

“All the property is there. We just have to put it in an order so the people could go right to it. That’s all we needed to do.”

She says they’ve increased the staffing levels of the room and will periodically self-audit.

Tyler Flood with the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association has questions.

“How long have they known about this? “ he said. “I have a hard time believing they just found out about this today.”

This news comes after Pct. 4 announced thousands of pieces of evidence was missing and/or destroyed. Over 100 cases had to be dismissed as a result.