Mobile mechanics can save you time and money on auto repairs

Car repairs done in your driveway. Mobile mechanics have been growing in popularity, especially in the pandemic, and can save you time and money.

If you don't want to wait at the auto repair shop for your vehicle to be repaired, or arrange for someone to pick you up, you can have a mechanic come right to your home or workplace. All you need is a driveway or space where they can do the job.

"Mostly like brakes and oil changes, but this particular reason they're out today is more complicated," said car owner Shane Barzilla.


Rather than waiting for diagnostics at a repair shop, Shane Barzilla says let's him keep working at home.

"Clicking a button for them to come out is much more convenient than driving or scheduling an appointment," said Barzilla.

YourMechanic sends certified mechanics to your home and say they can fix just about anything.

"It's game changing for busy professionals or busy moms or whoever else," said YourMechanic CEO Anthony Rodio.

"Basically, we do everything. The only thing we're not able to do is a major repair, like a transmission rebuild or engine rebuilds," said mechanic Edurado Vilchis.

You simply enter the repair needed into the app or website, along with your make and model.  The mechanic arrives for your appointment with parts in hand.

"They've got to be able to fix the problem in what I call 'the wild,' no matter what the situation. So our mechanics average ten years of experience," said Rodio.

"If I'm able to fix it here on the site, I can do it. If we need another part or something, we get another appointment and come to fix it," said Vilchis.


If you don't know what's wrong with your vehicle, a wizard on the website can help you figure it out. Or they'll send a mechanic to run diagnostics. They say they can usually get the parts and return the next day.

And they say their low overhead means lower prices.

"We're not giving you an estimate, then calling saying we need your car two more days and it's going to be $300 extra. The price we quote is the price we stick to when we show up to fix your car," said Rodio.

"It's surprisingly cheaper. I mean it's like worlds cheaper than the dealer. But it's surprisingly cheaper than your local guy also," said Barzilla of his experiences with YourMechanic over the last five years.  

In addition to YourMechanic, Wrench, Repair Smith, and FixMyCar also offer home auto repairs.