Mission Bend burglary: Brazen burglar caught on camera taking 14-year-old dog, other valuables

The burglar apparently lives in the neighborhood and did nothing to hide his face.

In fact, anyone who knows him will recognize him.

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"What is she doing? How are they taking care of her? Is she having issues? Right now, it's devastating," said Alexandra Medellin. 

She says she can't stop thinking about her 14-year-old dog Lilly. 

Her Thursday was bad enough before this guy entered the picture. She had taken her terminally ill father to hospice then she got a ringtone alert.

"I told him he was being watched," Alexandra said.

Obviously, he didn't care.

Armed with a hammer and a knife, he spent 15 minutes ransacking the home taking valuables.

"All my designer handbags, my shoes, jewelry, cash money that I had. He took my electronics and my cameras, which are my livelihood. It's how I make my money," said Alexandra. 

As far as Alexandra is concerned, he can keep all her expensive things, just return the one thing that can't be replaced, Lilly.

"I've had her for 14 years. She's my little ball of fire, she's everything to me," Alexandra said. "She really is my comfort at this time with my dad, even though she's 2 and a half pounds. She's my whole world."

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Hey Mr. Burglar, if you're not watching this, most likely someone that knows you is. Do the right thing and return what means the world to her family, but nothing to you.

"Just bring her back. No questions asked," Alexandra said. "You can keep all my other things. I don't care, it's all replaceable. I just want my dog back." 

Missing dog

Missing dog