Midway Meat Market in Katy reopens after Hurricane Harvey

A Katy institution for generations reopened this month for the first time since Hurricane Harvey.

Midway Meat Market in Katy has a new look but the same service customers have known for decades.

Hermann Meyer has waited almost two years to greet his longtime customers again – waiting for Midway Meat Market to finally reopen.

Even if Meyer doesn't remember every customer's name, you can bet he knows faces. Meyer has been running the market since the 1960s, back when Katy’s population was just a few hundred people.

“The hamburger now that we're selling for $3.99, when we opened up, we were selling it for 39 cents a pound,” Meyer says.

He is in his 80s but still supervises every bit the operation.

“I have a payroll to meet,” Meyer says. “I want to make sure everybody has good direction every morning, what to do, whether they be working out on the farm or here in the store."

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Many of those employees stuck with him after Hurricane Harvey flooded the market with up to four feet of water.

“The Tax Day Flood, we got about four inches of water. We just swept it out and kept on going,” he says. “Harvey, well, Harvey just wiped the slate clean. I mean, it took out everything.”

It's taken longer than anyone thought to get back, but it was never a question whether he would reopen.

When people come in for the first time in a while, what will they see that's changed?

“All new fixtures for one thing,” Meyer says.

While the store is smaller than it used to be, there's still plenty of room for Meyer’s hunting trophies.

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He's focused on what the store has been known for – high-quality, custom-cut meat and customer service.

“Good meat fascinates me, homemade sausage. That's what’s brought us through all of these years,” Meyer says.

Now Meyer is ready for new generations to enjoy it.